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Introduction At the end of 2017 I created an OSINT quiz that used the auto-reply function of a Gmail mailbox to send out quiz questions. This quiz was extremely difficult, even for seasoned investigators. So in 2019 I launched another one that was slightly easier, and the year after I created a third quiz, aimed at people starting out in the world of OSINT and verification.

In 2022 I decided to relaunch the quizzes in a web-based format. As with the original, you need to answer a question correctly to advance to the next one. The main difference is, that this version is hosted on a web server. So there's no need to wait for incoming emails any more, you will get an answer straight away.

In case you started with the email-based version of a quiz (sent to 'osintquiz2020'), then you can use those answers to continue from where you left off. Just fill in the last correct MD5 hash, that was part of the quiz mechanism, and off you go!

The quiz features people from The OSINT Curious Project, and Quiztime. Both provide good resources and training exercises for beginners, as most of you might know already. In case these names are new for you, The OSINT Curious Project is a non-profit organization that aims to teach people about OSINT, and help them explore this interesting field of expertise. And the Twitter account Quiztime tries to help journalists and investigators to practice their verification skills with daily quizzes, which are sent out by the Twitter account. If you are here to learn, then do make sure to follow both Twitter accounts!
Useful Resources

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The OSINT Curious Project 

Quiztime Medium blog 

Cookies To save your progress, a cookie is stored in your browser that expires after 7 days. When opening a quiz at a later moment, it will enable you to continue where you left off. If you block cookies in your browser, it's still possible to continue a quiz by entering the last correct answer. At the moment you finish the quiz, all progress is cleared and the next time you open the quiz you will start from scratch.